Ever thought about underpinning your basement?

Ever thought about underpinning your basement? Be sure to keep the following in mind before you break ground! An engineers’ drawings and city permits are musts prior to commencing any work, ensure the company you hire specializes in this type of work The underpinning needs to be done in a...
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An underground investment worth making!

An underground investment worth making – Ever thought about renovating your basement? The cost of living in Toronto continues to rise, and without a doubt that won’t stop anytime soon. Those that are lucky enough to already be homeowners, are constantly contemplating renovating their basement to increase the livable square...
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Walkouts & Separate Entrances

There are several reasons why you may need a walk out or separate entrance to your basement. Building walkouts and separate entrances requires a very strong attention to detail and an ample amount of planning. Many factors such as soil excavation, underground plumbing, underpinning, waterproofing, and of course safety precautions. ...
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