Our process is simple – we help you design and build your dream basement. We offer the best when it comes to home renovation craftsmanship, and believe every project is its own masterpiece. From cost estimates to top quality materials we assist in every detail of your renovation project.


Initial Enquiry

To start the process please fill out our enquiry form to help us better understand the type and scope of work for your basement project. Once submitted, a member from our OnlyBasements team will evaluate your request and reach out to you right away.



Request Evaluation

Once we received your enquiry a team member will evaluate your request, we will respond and advise if our company can take on the proposed project or we may have to decline your project due to location, budget, scope of work etc.


Site Visit

After an initial phone or email conversation, OnlyBasements sends qualified project managers directly out to meet with you, to listen to all of your ideas and thoughts about your upcoming basement renovation.


Scope of Work and Free Estimate

Once the site visit is completed, we will then send you an agreement including the scope of work and the cost estimate associated with your basement renovation project.


Agreement and Deposit

Accurate planning and preparation is the right way to begin any renovation project. Project scheduling, proper estimating, material selection, site review, municipal and permits, undertaking proper research, collecting the right information is all something OnlyBasements does to take your project from beginning to end, a task we take great pride in.

We will commence the process to formalize and sign the agreement and obtain a deposit cheque.


Drawings and Permits

Our professional team of architects, engineers and project managers at OnlyBasements will help you refine your thoughts and ideas and put them on paper. This allows you to see exactly what can and cannot be done with your basement space. During this stage we capture all that we can to help express your unique design while still building in the confines of building codes and functionality. We will provide you with all the drawings required to apply for permits.

Once OnlyBasements submits the final drawings to your municipality and when the drawings are approved we will be able to begin your project.



The final phase means bringing your basement renovation to life. The construction phase is OnlyBasements favourite stage because you get to see everything come together just as planned. During construction communication is a key process with our clients. OnlyBasements wants you to know what is happening with every stage of your renovation, the techniques being used and all the detailed work that goes into the precise design of your home. Call OnlyBasements today to become part of our winning portfolio of custom basements.