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Wet Basements and Underpinning

This week we want to talk about the process of underpinning and how to fix your wet basement. Underpinning is a method used to increase your homes foundation depth or to repair a faulty foundation. We get hired a lot in Toronto to perform this type of renovation because Toronto’s older homes tend to have low ceiling height in the basement making the basement space nearly unusable. We also find that older homes tend to have cracks in their basement foundation that are wider that 1/4inch which are definite signs of a faulty foundation and should be taken care of immediately. Our company is located in Toronto’s East End and we work with a lot of older homes that are close to Lake Ontario. Because the homes are built so close to the water table foundation tend to heave if not laid correctly. We also suggest that if you plan to underpin your basement during a renovation you should also be budgeting to waterproof your basement as it is cheaper and easier to perform while undergoing this type of renovation. For more information about underpinning or to get a free quote for your home email us at

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