Basement Storage and Organizers

Storage is always the most sought-after feature in any home, having a proper place to store your non-perishables and other goods safely and in an organized manner allows you to have a clean and uncluttered space. At Only Basements, our team of experts can help you turn unused or non-functional...
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Benefits of Finishing Your Basement

Finishing a basement can add significant value to your property investment. If completely unfinished a basement can be the perfect blank canvas for you to transform into anything you want or space your family needs. Finishing your basement is also a great idea as a remodel can often be substantially...
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What is Underpinning? Underpinning is the process for lowering your basement floor. In underpinning a sequence of holes are dug from under the footing of your home and filled with concrete to extend the footing of your house to a lower level. This allows us to dig the soil out...
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